About Us

A Brief Description of The Company

Madrona Hosting was established in 2020, while that may seem new, our founder has over 20 years of experience in the hosting and managed services industry. This extensive experience led him to start Madrona hosting out of a desire to offer the best hosting experience at affordable prices. Part of that experience led to focusing on what's most important to a web hosting service, that simply is webhosting, not infrastructure management, network management etc. 

That's why we use AWS infrastructure for hosting because it means we can focus on what's most important and that is providing web hosting services. This keeps our costs low, we don't need an army of data center engineers to push buttons, swap drives, manage networking etc. We can right size our servers as needed without purchasing excess hardware, that saves you money as well. Plus AWS's global presence means we can provide services local to your needs. Our VPS servers can be deployed in the region of your choice.