All the latest from Madrona Hosting

5th Aug 2021

New Hosting OS!

Madrona Hosting is proud to announce availability of Alma Linux 8.4 for our VPS servers. With the sun setting of Centos 8.x from Redhat we've chosen Alma Linux as it's replacement. Alma Linux is supported and distributed by well the well known Cloud Linux team. Our shared hosting servers currently run Cloud Linux which give us confidence in their ...

10th Feb 2021

AWS GP3 volumes now available!

New VPS offerings with AWS GP3 storage.   We're now offering our VPS servers with GP3 storage. You may ask, ok so why is that better? Speed, that's why.  Previously we offered GP2 volumes which scaled IOPS based on the size of the volume. For instance a 100GB volume would have 300 IOPS and 75MB/s of throughput, where as a 200GB volume would ...

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