Billing and Invoices

1. Introduction

Since our billing system is separate from our Plesk control panel you will need to access it through a different URL. This is also necessary because Plesk runs separately on each webserver. 


2. Client Area

First navigate to our client area at

You’ll be promoted for your email address and password, this is the same as when you signed up for service. If you’ve forgotten your password use the reset password option. You will be sent a link via email to reset your password

Once logged in you will be presented with your dashboard. From here you can access your service subscriptions, invoices, domain registration, previous emails and open support tickets.


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3. View Invoices

In order to view your invoices Select from the Billing menu “My Invoices”

You may have a new invoice if you change services, are on a monthly billing plan or at your 1 year renewal time. 

Click the up/down arrow next to the invoice to expand the item and then you can click on “View” to see the invoice. 

Once opened there will be an options to pay in the top right corner of the invoice. You may click on the icon to be taking to a payment screen to enter your CC information.

If you are on a recurring billing plan your invoices will be automatically billed to your CC card on file. 

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