How to open a Support Ticket v1.1

1. Introduction

We all know from time to time it might be necessary to open a support ticket. Hopefully our knowledge base can answer many of your questions as that would be the quickest way to solve your problem or answer you question but if not it’s pretty simple to open a ticket and we’ll get back to as soon as we can.

Our ticketing system is available in our client area so it’s easily accessable for existing customers. If you are not a customer yet just drop us a note through our contact form.

2. Types of support available

Since there are vast possibilities for what you might have questions about. We try to focus our support to the services we provide. 

  1. Account related queries, billing issues, services offered by Madrona Hosting
  2. Technical Support
    • Plesk control panel related support
    • Apache/Nginx settings within Plesk
    • PHP settings within Plesk
    • Email server related queries
    • Plesk backups
    • WordPress toolkit
    • mysql related queries
    • VPS server support
    • Cloud Management support

Things we do not support directly but might be able to offer tips or suggestions on.

  1. WordPress itself, plugins or theme issues
  2. Email client functionality
You may wonder why we don’t support WordPress directly. That is because WordPress is an opensource product provided by another corporate entity. We can certainly lend a hand with our expertise but bugs, functional issues etc would be the responsibility of

3. Login to dashboard

First you will need to login to your client area dashboard.


Once logged in you will see your dashboard.

You’ll notice in this example the Ticket count is zero but there is a ticket in the recent support tickets. This is because the ticket count only reflects open tickets currently in progress. 

To open a new ticket simply click “Open Ticket” in the menu bar.

4. Enter Ticket Information

Next select the type of ticket you’d like to open.

  1. Sales related
  2. Technical support
  3. Billing/account related

Next you’ll want to fill out the ticket. Include as much information as possible. If you experienced any sort of error provide the error or a screenshot of the error along with the time the error occurred (with timezone specified). 

There are 3 priorities.

  1.  Low – For general inquiries 
  2. Medium – Service impacting but no outage of web or email services
  3. Web or Email service outage only

Please note that depending on ticket volume we may choose to lower the priority of a ticket if it does not meet urgency requirements.

When complete simply hit the Submit button and our staff will be notified immediately.

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