Configure Outlook for POP3

1. Introduction

Setting up your email client is simple. In your welcome email you would have been provided basic information on setting up your email client. Such as:

  1. IMAP/POP host name and ports
  2. SMTP hostname and ports

To configure outlook 365 select “File” then “Add Account” with SSL support. (We do not recommend using standard unencrypted ports)

2. Select POP3

First you will need to select whether you wish to use POP3 or IMAP.

POP3 protocol downloads messages to your desktop PC. If you choose POP3, see the article on managing POP3 as there are additional settings to consider.

IMAP is best if you intend to access your email from multiple clients (desktop and mobile for instance)


3. Enter email address

Next you will be prompted for your email address. This will be the email address you created in Article Creating a mail user

Outlook will try and connect using autodiscover. As of this writing Autodiscover is currently not enabled at Madrona Hosting. We hope to have it enabled in the near future. 


3. Enter mail server settings

You will then be prompted to manually enter your mail settings. Fill in all fields highlighted in red. 

Instead of please refer to your welcome email for the correct hostname assigned to your account.


1. Pop3 port = 995 
2. SMTP port = 465
3. Encryption Method = SSL/TLS
4. incoming and outgoing mail server assigned to your account


The next prompt will be for your password assigned to this email account. This password is used to authenticate for both IMAP/POP3 as well as SMTP for sending mail. Our servers require authentication in order for you to send email via SMTP. 


4. Success

Next will follow a confirmation that adding your account was successful. 

If it was unsuccessful first verify you are using the correct email address and password. Also verify you are using the correct hostname assigned for your account. If you have misplaced your welcome email please open a ticket with support and we can provide you with the correct hostname.

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